Our clients are our paramount priority.

You want to partner with an organization that puts your business first.

The question we've ourselves from the beginning is; “How do we maintain a steady growth in what is a very competitive industry. The same answer would come to us over and over again, “Consistently please our clients, by resolving issues before they become concerns”. We then identified the five most persistently pervasive issues this industry's end-users of are challenged with.

As a result, we developed a five-point initiative that would allow us to identify, quantify, isolate and assuage the ill-effects that changing industry standards and norms could have on our client’s account.

We resolve issues before they become concerns. How? By correlating dynamic industry data with the static client account data, we are able to extrapolate the necessary data for qualitative analysis, and therefore assuage inefficiencies within our client's account.

CoCard Internationals' 5 Point Initiative
  1. Pricing

    CoCard International Value-Relevant Pricing Strategy (VRPS) militates against over expenditures, therefore increasing product value.

    Our pricing strategy is based on an old philosophy of "an honest days' pay for an honest days' work". If our cost goes down for the services and products we provide then your cost go down in direct proportionality. Our growth scheme is based on quantity, not volume i.e. we're seeking to expand and grow our client base in order to meet our fiscal projections as opposed to drawing as much financial volume from each client as allowed. This model makes our clients our true capital. We would much rather have a penny in profit from one hundred clients than have a dollar in profit from one client.

  2. Services

    We provide each Client a Dedicated Service Consultant (DSC).

    We are looking to keep information, resources, and ourselves readily available to our Clients. CCI is looking at different way increase the quality of interaction with clients. Listening is a lost art that could always be improved upon. We understand that people communicate most effectively in different ways for this reason CoCard International is providing more ways to keep in contact with our Clients and for our Clients to keep in contact with us.

    Our Dedicated Service Consultants:

    • Post and communicates the results of Clients' Account analysis
    • Act as the Client's liaison, when addressing processing matters
    • Keeps the client abreast of information, ideas, strategies, and solutions, that furthers the clients' bottom-line through processing
    • ...and much much more

  3. Solutions

    CoCard International understands that in order for your business to perform well... the tools you rely on must perform well.

    We understand how costly downtime can be, we only provide tried, proven, and secure hardware and software solutions. All CoCard International Certified hardware is backed by an extended warranty, as a courtesy. As part of our Up-Time Guarantee, *CoCard International remotely monitors, repairs, and updates POS equipment as a courtesy. We go above and beyond for clients. Please read CoCard International's Remote Monitoring, Repair, & Update Policy.

  4. Security

    A sometimes overlooked, yet integral part of electronic payment processing is security compliance.

    The Merchant Processing Industry is a dynamic industry. Things are ever changing. Once upon a time ago, credit transactions were primarily conducted verbally. Then came the proverbial IOU (pen and paper). Then along came the plastic card with the imprinter aka the "knuckle buster". Then came the mag stripe card and with credit card terminal. Now we have EMV, NFC, ACH, mag stripe, he imprinter, and more. It's easy to see the evolution the credit transactions, the constant factor in the evolutionary process... security is most important. There is a ton more that goes on behind the scenes with the emphasis being on security.

    Unfortunately, in this day-and-time, security must be at forefront of conducting business. Your clients depend on you for this and the law can punish those who don't do enough. We want to help by providing you the security information we have and act as a facilitator of PCI Compliance. We do not want for one of our clients to be out compliance. We will guide you to compliance. Ultimately the responsibility yours to become compliant, however, we will walk with you hand-in-hand when you cooperate.

  5. Information

    CoCard International believes the truly satisfied client; is the truly informed client.

    How does someone wanting to focus on the core of their business do just that without compromising the daily monitoring of their merchant account? Simple… they call on Cocard International. We monitor your account so you don’t have to.

    CoCard International interacts with the dynamic variables affecting your account, when plausible, but also we keep you in the loop when changes are made to your account that doesn't require your approval for the purpose having you account perform at optimal levels of efficiency.

    We make receiving and sending information easy-peasy. Your Client Portal is the primary way we'll correspond with you. From time-to-time, you will see messages we leave you updating you on matters that may affect your account. Any matter deemed urgent, we will contact you in a more direct manner. Once you've logged into your Client Portal you will find a wealth of information at your avail (product information, pricing information, service information, processing statements, account security information, etc). Take advantage of the chat option within your portal to submit tickets your Account Consultant, order products, and services, request a callback, and so much more. We want to make it easy for you to be in contact with us; after all the key to any healthy relationship is communication.

Some Of Our Valued Partners

Tailored Advice for a complex operating enviroment

CoCard International took the time to understand our situation, tailor their advice and solutions to our specific needs. As a business owner, our needs can be quite complex. Their strategies and advice was clearly articulated, putting my wife and I at ease.

Paul & Vicki Marsh,

Guidance towards A GREAT SOLUTION

They listened to what I wanted to achieve for my restaurant and employees. They guided me towards a solution that accomplished everything I wanted and saved me on average over $800 a month.

Kathy C

First Class Financial Advice

I needed a loan to put in a drive-thru at my restaurant. My bank denied me the loan, but CoCard International came through and traffic to my business has increased 21%, as a result (with shorter lines).

Peter Wilson

Enjoy the Fruits of quality advice

I have been highly impressed with CoCard International's fair and honest business transactions. Chris & Mark were able to provide me with the impetus to take the next step which could have been delayed without quality advice. I began saving money right away once my POS was put in place.

Dr. Kevin Adams